Monday, July 13, 2009

A Chocolate Pill?

Something about Robert triggers a chemical reaction in me that makes me need chocolate.

Today we had hot dogs for lunch and when I asked Robert how he wanted his he said on a bun with no ketchup or mustard. Okay, I thought, that's easy enough. Well, What in the h-e-double hockey sticks was I thinkin!! Nothing is ever easy with that kid.

I hand him his hot dog on a bun with no ketchup or mustard and he tells me "I want you to tut it". How do you want it cut, I ask. He grabs the hot dog and shows me how to tut it. So, I take a knife and put the knife where he showed me and ask, like this? And of course that wasn't right and this goes on in similar fashion a few more times.

Then . . . . He grabs at the bun to show me how one more time . . . and it rips down the seem. Oh, no! That was the end! He starts screaming and crying, "You tut it the won way, you tut it the won way!!!!"

Of course at this point there is no sense in trying to reason with him or even talk to him for that matter so he's off to his room. And when he comes out he is still upset about the "tut" bun and after a little ultimatum by mom, chooses to just eat the hot dog plain.

All through this I am half way between laughter and tears and my body is screaming CHOCOLATE! CHOCOLATE! I NEED CHOCOLATE!

So I have had my chocolate fix and am feeling much better and Robert seems to have moved on. . . finally.

But my question is, wouldn't be easier if there was just a chocolate pill we could take daily or something?

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