Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday to our first little boy!

Davie would have turned 5 today! Can you believe it has been 5 years since we said hello and goodbye! I can't. He would be starting kinder this year! It seems like it was just yesterday and yet it feels like a lifetime ago.

It has been a good day. We all watched Davies video, looked through his scrapbook, and shed a few tears. Okay, really it was allot of tears! But then we went to the store, rented some movies and went to Johns Incredible Pizza (like Chuckee Cheese but better, if your not from around here). Then we went swimming together and tonight will have some birthday cake and release some balloons like we do every year on this day.

We love our little boy and we miss him, but we also realize the many blessings his brief life has brought to our family. We still talk about him often and think about him even more, but usually not with sadness. I would go through it all again if that was the only way to have him in our family, for he is still a part of us and always will be.

We made this video for his first birthday. We also wrote his story, but don't read it unless you need a good cry! I don't want anyone to be sad today!


  1. oh, kiley &dave,
    i don't have words to express my thoughts...
    what a beautiful, eternal family you have!

    thank you for sharing. i remember when he was born, my stella was just a few months old.
    my heart was with you then and it is again today...

  2. Kiley and family - has it been 5 years already? I kept little Davie's "Breath of Life" picture on our fridge for a long time because it helped me remember what was truly important in life. Unfortunatly it was misplaced during our last move but I still think of him every now and then. Thank you for sharing your tender video. The faith of your family coninues to inspire us.

  3. Kiley, you are amazing and I love you!

  4. It made me cry. But what a touching story. You have amazing strength, and I admire you for it.