Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our Weekend

Here is the highlights from last weekend.

Friday AM-took Robert to urgent care for strep

Friday PM-left to meet David's family at Yosemite. William threw up about an hour into the drive and cried most the way there.

Saturday-hiked in the rain, but at least no one threw up!

Sunday AM-Anna got sick.

Sunday PM-David got sick.

Monday AM-Aunt Madeline and Grandpa got sick. Me, David, and the kids hiked the mist trail (which is a big story all by itself, but we'll save that for another time!)

Monday PM-Drove home and then Lahna got sick.... again. She is who started this bug a couple of days before we left.

It was a fun vacation full of family, throw-up, diarrhea, and hiking!


  1. Seem like every time we go camping some or all of us get the stomach flu. CRAZY!! Hope you had a few good times thrown in there to make it feel worth the trouble.

  2. It was crazy! But it was fun (minus the throw-up).... It sure was good to see you all. And thanks for suggesting San Francisco, it was a fast trip, but awesome.