Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Baby

My baby will turn 2 this month and knowing that he will be my last baby makes this very bitter sweet for me. There is a part of me that looks forward to days without diapers, nap schedules, and cleaning up spills. But right now there is a much bigger part of me crying, "please don't grow up!"

It is so hard to imagine life without little ones at my feet. Who will be there to give me shirt kisses, butterfly kisses, eskimo kisses and all the other kisses only little ones enjoy so much? Who will I rock to and sing to each night and who will look up to me with big blue innocent eyes? Who will bring laughter into our home even on the darkest of days? And who will play with me when I don't feel like doing housework?

As his birthday draws nearer I find myself wanting to stop time more and more each day. He is at such a cute and fun stage. I pray I will never forget the way he looks right now. The way he laughs and smiles and the funny things he says. He is such a blessing and a delight to have in my life and I thank God every night for him and my other 4 amazing children. They make my life complete.

So.... I will enjoy every moment and do my best to be the mother they deserve so much, and with every birthday that comes I will be glad to have been blessed with another year.


  1. You are such a sweet mother! Reading your post I felt little pangs of sadness knowing exactly how you feel. My baby is almost seven and will be in 2nd grade next year! How is that possible? I wish I could just freeze time. The hardest part is knowing that someday they will leave and I'll be alone all day. As much as I complain about it now, I know that I am going to sorely miss the chaos.

  2. That so hit home I want to cry =)