Friday, June 12, 2009

The Mist Trail Adventure!

Part way up

The view from the top

At the top!

So the most exciting part of our trip, for me anyway, was on Monday. Before we headed back to Victorville we wanted to hike part of the mist trail. Now notice I said part of the trail. David had been throwing up the night before and wasn't feeling very well and it is a tough hike for a family with small children, but we really wanted to do it.

So we get to the halfway point where there is a nice bridge with a beautiful view of the waterfall. We took a break and the kids begged to go on so we decided to go a little further.

Somehow the girls got further and further ahead of us until we could no longer see them and we were at a point where we couldn't go any farther with the boys. It was just too steep and slippery.

David took the boys and started back down and I hiked as fast as my sore knee would let me go to try to catch up to the girls. About 5 minutes later I see Anna coming down.... but no Lahna. My heart started pounding thinking of all the reasons why Anna would be coming down alone.

Anna tells me Lahna kept going, but she didn't think they should so Anna came back to find me. For those of you who have ever hiked with these girls you know that this is WAY out of character. So Anna and I continue up trying to catch up with Lahna, and with every step I get more and more worried. This was not an easy hike! I started asking people that were coming down if they had seen her and no one had. Of course I am praying in my head over and over that I would find her soon and she would be safe.

After what felt like forever, we finally got to the very top and there she was standing at the rail looking down and sobbing. I think she learned a valuable lesson that day. I was so glad she was okay and so amazed that she was able to do it all by herself!!! Although it wasn't in the plan for the day and she about gave me a heart attack I am glad she went to the top. If she hadn't I would not have seen the most incredible view I have ever seen! The pictures don't begin to do it justice.

David's side of the story..... He waited for us at the bridge and was getting more and more worried the longer we were gone. He was watching his watch and told himself that if he didn't see us by 1:00 he was finding a park ranger and getting help. About 12:50 Anna wanted to run ahead. I told her go to the bridge and see if Dad was there and wait with him. Anna found David at 12:59.

So that is our Mist Trail Adventure!!!

Whew! If you are still reading I applaud you, because that was a novel!


  1. whoa! i was worried just reading this. i am glad you are all safe.
    what a beautiful view! our kids are too little to do any hiking (and our 2 year old has NO fear) we may be brave and try camping this summer...