Wednesday, April 15, 2009

toothbrushing ritual

So, many of you know that Robert can be a little Obsessive Compulsive sometimes. Well, here is his latest ritual.

Toothbrushing time!

Line up all the toothbrushes.

Say who own each one.

Line up all the toothpastes. (We have way more than you would think!)

Say who likes which one...and why!

Tell you that we don't share toothbrushes.

Try to decide which of his 2 toothbrushes he will use. (this takes longer than you might think!)

Finally... he brushes his teeth!!

And lastly, rinse and spit (twice... no more, no less) and take a drink.

And heaven forbid you try to rush him! That would be asking for a major meltdown!

You would have to know Robert to really picture how this goes. it was cute and funny the first time, but it is really starting to test our patience. Just brush your teeth already!

It's a good thing he is so darn cute!


  1. And it's a good thing he will brush his teeth =)

  2. Kiley, That is so cute! Isaac used to do things just like that. What am I saying used to, he still does, but not quite as bad as he did at Robert's age.

    Hey, a question for you. How do you get your links and pictures in the side bar to show up without the tools. Look at my blog to see what I'm having problems with.