Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some Highlights

Here are some of today's highlights.

Anna FINALLY passing off her math facts test!

Anna failing her 2nd trimester benchmark test. Oops! (She says,"remember I just passed my math facts test", before she showed us the benchmark test.)

Alahna getting 3rd place in a community wide poster contest!

Alahna crying hysterically because the awards ceremony is Sunday during stake conference.

William screaming all through dinner. Why, you ask? Who knows!

And so Robert doesn't feel left out. . . he wore his patch 5 hours straight today!!!

And a highlight from yesterday was Anna's first soccer practice in the freezing cold. Guess who's coaching?

Sometimes I just don't think I am cut out for all the drama of parenting.


  1. Tell me YOU didn't go crazy and decide to coach Anna's team!?!

  2. I'm wondering if you're the coach also? Do you play soccer? I just realized I have NO idea what sports you play.