Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Here are some things that happened this week.


Parent teacher conferences. I love hearing how well they are doing! Keep up the good work girls!

LuLu got her new glasses. Aren't they cute? Notice the fancy trim on the side, that is her favorite part! (She only has to wear them for reading.)

Robert had a break through moment! He discovered he can move his tongue! It has been a year since he had surgery on it and we have been waiting for this moment! He was about to brush his teeth one night when he said, "Hey, I can do it!" He moved it up and down and side to side!

William is feeling better and is our happy little boy again!


Cleaned up lots of pee and poop. (We are starting to see some progress though)

Anna's soccer team lost 5-0. Maybe it is due to their highly inexperienced coaches!


Well, Robert is way to cute to really call ugly, but can you tell what is all over his face? Yup, that is mascara.

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