Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Start of Day 3

Robert and Kiley both slept much better last night. Robert is more alert and aware of what is going on, and is also happier this morning. He has had more pain, which they are managing. One of his IVs started hurting him, and they switched it to the other hand.

When Kiley called, Robert was sitting up. They had him sit up to eat his breakfast. They were going to be coming back soon to remove his catheter. When he pees, they will put the catheter back on to see if he was able to drain his bladder on his own. If he can do this twice, he will be good to come home. If he is not draining the bladder by himself, he can still come home, but Mommy will have to be trained to put the catheter on to finish draining his bladder at home. Probably the only thing that would keep him from coming home today would be if they don't have all the equipment for this to send home with them, or the right people aren't available to train Kiley on the procedure. This should not be a problem, so we are pretty confidant that he will be home today!

Normal checkout is 11:00 a.m., but it may take them longer than that to do everything that needs done before they release him.

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