Saturday, February 14, 2009


Yesterday was Robert's pre-op at the hospital. He did really well and especially loved the fire truck hospital bed. They had to draw some blood and we were trying to psych him up for the event and he was going along with it pretty well until we walked into the lab. Suddenly he started changing his mind and when he saw the needle he started saying , "I don't want to do this." over and over. But he was such a brave little boy and stuck his arm out and didn't fight it at all. He shed some tears, but never tried to pull away or anything. After he was done Daddy went to donate blood for the surgery and we got some ice cream and explored the hospital.

He has had a cold and we were worried about them rescheduling so were relieved to hear that all is going forward as planned. We just have to do breathing treatments every 4 hours to make sure his lungs are good and open until then. The Fire Truck Bed and his new doggy from Grandma Force.

One of the play areas in the hospital

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  1. Aww!
    The kid's pediatrician here has these same firetruck beds. They make a big difference!

    Goodluck with everything and Happy Valentine's day! Hope your cookies were yummy! ;)