Saturday, February 21, 2009

No More Cats

Yesterday we used our parental rights and said, "no more catheters!" After doing it a couple times at home and having good results with his urine output we really feel it is unnecessary to put him through such an unpleasant thing anymore. He has a follow up with the neurosurgeon on Wednesday and hopefully he will be in agreement with us, if not we will start again. A months supply is still being shipped to us, so if you are ever in need...!!! (-:

He is doing amazing! Running around, jumping, climbing as if he never had surgery on his back. (Basically making momma a nervous wreck!) The only time you know he is still in a little pain is when he has to have his diaper changed and when he is moaning and groaning throughout the night. His incision looks great, but his back is still fairly swollen.

Here is picture of him before we knew of any of the trials that lay ahead of him. He has always been such a happy little boy!

We are so proud of him. He has been so tough and brave throughout all of this! We love you little man!

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