Friday, January 30, 2009

sick and tired

Bill Cosby has a bit about his mom always being "sick and tired". He says the worst beatin' he ever got was when his mom said "I'm sick" and he said, "and tired". So Every time I say those words I think of Cosby gettin' a beatin'.

We have been battling pink eye, soar throats, coughs, and all that kind of yuck for over two weeks now and I am just plain old "sick and tired" of it!

To top it off, I lost my voice this morning and parenting a 3 yr old and 19 month old when no one can hear you is proving to be a bit of a challenge. I'm looking forward to nap time and Daddy coming home!

Everybody just better get everything out of there systems in the next 2 weeks because no one is allowed to be sick for Robert's surgery. (As if I can control that HA HA!) =)


  1. you and me both--sick and tired. we have been sick here for two weeks and i am plain worn out. i'm tired of boogies and coughs and headaches and fevers. spring is coming soon, right?

  2. I'm sorry everyone has been sick. That get's old real quick especially when it's passed from kid to kid.
    Feel better soon!