Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Little Man

Robert was having a rough night. His tummy hurt, his legs hurt, and his back hurt. So we were sitting in the rocking chair singing Jingle Bells (the only song he will allow you to sing to him) when he tried to tell me something. After a few attempts at translating I told him I didn't understand.

He sighed and said to me, "you don't know anything!"

Then after the briefest pause he quietly said, "you know you love me"

I do love that little man.


  1. Is he not the sweetest little boy?!? What a little melter of the heart!

  2. they say the sweetest things! little boys just win me over!

  3. Aww! Logan say's the silliest/sweetest stuff too.It must seriously be a 3 year old thing.

    Logan has been complaining off and on at night about aches and pains in his legs. I am sure it's all growing pains but it's sad cause it really hurts him.

    Love to read your blog! =)

  4. Well now the secret's out! That was funny:)