Saturday, December 13, 2008

Santa Disapointment

So last night was our ward Christmas party and as tradition goes the man in red paid a visit. Without me knowing, Robert pushed his way to the front of the line and jumped up on Santa's lap. By the time I realized that he was already with the Jolly Old Elf, Robert was starting to get a little frustrated. I listened as he told Santa that he wants "ots a fins". Poor Santa was trying to understand, but Robert wasn't leaving until he was SURE that Santa heard him correctly. I came just in time to interpret. (In case you can't read Robertese, the interpretation is "lot's of things".) So he leaves Santa's lap . . . and gets back in line. When I tell him that he already had a turn he became upset saying he "didn't tell him". So we patiently waited in line. When it's our turn Robert marches boldly to him, stands right in front of him, and motions with his finger for Santa to lean down. Then he whispers that he would like a train and a toothbrush (yes, he really does want a new toothbrush). Again he wouldn't leave until I translated and Santa repeated it back. After some resistance, I pull Robert away trying to figure out what the problem is; when he looks up at me and with a trembling lip says, "it didn't work."
"What didn't work?" I asked
"He didn't give me any presents"
Oh dear, it all became clear! What a disapointment! Luckily, He seems to be okay with Santa delivering them to our house Christmas Eve.

I hope I never forget those little trembling lips.
By the way, pics will come later.

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