Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One more week

With a week left until election day we will be busy supporting prop 8. I just found out that tonight we will be making phone calls to voters then driving around collecting other peoples phone list and staying up late doing data entry. They are trying to find out who is planning on voting yes and then on election day making sure those people get to the polls. This phase of the "Yes on 8" campaign is supposed to be done tonight. Then on to the next phase! It looks like this next week will be a busy one. We will be glad when this is over and hopefully we can breathe a big sigh of relief!


  1. My family there in CA has kept us posted on all the Prop 8 stuff they have been doing. We will continue to hope and pray that all the work pays off!!!

  2. Hey Kiley! I am so glad that you let me know about your blog. :) I was wondering if you had one....
    You will have to check mine out (jennicacastle.blogspot.com).

    That's so awesome that you are getting so involved with Prop 8. We have a similar prop in AZ, it was voted down a few years ago---so they are really worried about it not passing again. It's been good for me to get involved with it here, too. It's so important! :)

    Love ya!

    PS Your Kids are so OLD! :) It's crazy how fast time flies.